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HDB Flat Floor Tiles Suddenly “Explode” Like in a Disaster Movie


You think you are safe in your home after you renovate everything nicely and move in.

But did you know that the tiles on your floor can suddenly “explode”?

A netizen uploaded a video of the tiles in his flat suddenly bursting out of nowhere.

There were no people in the video, so it seems like the cause of the “explosion” was not due to something like dropping a heavy object on the tiles.

Thankfully, it seems like nobody got hurt, as there were no humans or pets seen in the video footage.

Whatever could have happened?

Here is more on the mysterious case of some “exploding” tiles.

Man Uploads a Video of His Flat Tiles “Exploding” for No Reason

It’s like a real-life domino effect, but nobody seems to have triggered anything. And instead of the domino tiles falling down, the floor tiles are flying up.

Here is a Facebook video from a netizen by the moniker of Teddy Ho, posted on the Facebook group Singapore Home DIY.

In the video, which is just 22 seconds long, all seems calm at first.


However, suddenly, the tiles are seen flying up and “exploding”. For no apparent reason at all.

What phenomenon could have caused this?

There Are Many Reasons Why This Could Have Happened

It seems like a variety of reasons could have caused the scary phenomenon.

One of them is that the tiles were not cleaned properly prior to installation. Therefore, the tiles became uneven and popped up after a while.

Another reason is that the floor expanded due to heat or moisture. Since hot things expand and cold things contract, the tiles’ shape could have been affected and, therefore, started to pop up.

Not setting the foundation properly could also have caused the floor tiles to pop up.

And, of course, low-quality tiles definitely increase the chances of tile-related incidents happening, so that can’t be ruled out.

However, based on the video alone, it’s not easy to tell which of these reasons (if any) caused the tiles to “explode” like it was part of a movie scene.

HDB May Be Able to Repair the Damage if Certain Conditions Are Met

The good thing for the owner is that HDB may be able to help them make some repairs.

The Ministry of National Development previously stated in 2021 that the cases of “popping tiles” may be repaired by HDB for a period of up to 15 years if the tiles were originally provided by HDB.


This is in contrast to the industry standard of only repairing defects for a one-year period.

Let’s hope that Teddy Ho just got his HDB so he can save on some repair costs.

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