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5 Things to Take Note of When Taking Images in a Haunted Place This 7th Month


Last Updated on 2021-08-07 , 6:09 pm

Okay, I honestly don’t know why you’ll do it, especially since it’s the seventh month, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and would like to visit some haunted places to take some photos, this is for you.

So you have gotten together a group of like-minded people (read: crazy folks) to join you. You’re determined because this is the best opportunity for you to humble-brag about your braveness in Instagram.

Now what else do you need to do?

Here are a few things that you should take note of when you are taking images in a haunted place.

Look out for trespassing signs

If it is a private property, make sure that you have obtained permission from the rightful owners to enter and take your photos. Be sure to bring along your identification documents in case you are requested to show them.

It will be a hassle trying to explain what you were doing to the police when you were caught trespassing into the area; despite what you believe, no, ghost hunting is not a legitimate excuse for trespassing.

I’m pretty sure getting caught for trespassing is way scarier than taking an image of a ghost.

Visit the area in the day to scope out the place and familiarize yourself with the area

Keep a lookout for dangerous places or obstacles that you might not be able to see at night; for example holes in the ground or sharp rusty wires that might cause injury when you are taking photos at night. They would usually be more obvious in the morning.

Make sure that nothing is left dangling

Your camera straps, lens cover and strains of hair can appear like ghostly images on the pictures, so make sure you secure these items beforehand. Anyone who’s been through the army would know how easy these things can disappear in the dead of night, and finding them is almost impossible.

Make sure that your camera lens is clean at all times

If your lens is smudged, it might show up on pictures and give false indications of anomalies (which I’m sure is what you want, but hey: don’t #FakeNews).


Also, make sure that your thumbs and fingers are not pressed onto the lens of the camera as well. Your finger is not a damn ghost.

Avoid shiny surfaces when you take your photos

The shine from the glossy surfaces might result in ghostly anomalies like ghost mist, fog and orb shapes. This includes trying to take a photo through glass panes. Unless, of course, you’re in the business of #FakeNews

Okay, now that you know the 5 things to note when taking images in haunted places, remember that it doesn’t hurt to be polite and respectful and, never ever do anything to insult the spirits residing in that place or you might just not live to regret it.

All the best, though I still don’t know what’s wrong with you.

To know more about the things you shouldn’t do during this period, watch this video to the end:

Featured Image: Facebook (爆廢公社公開版) (Image is for illustration purpose only)

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