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10 Foods You Should Never Consume At Night If Not…


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 1:51 pm

There’s a saying that goes, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” and the reason behind it is actually pretty sound advice you can follow if you want to practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Since we use up more energy during the day for work and play, more energy is needed for us to function and perform at our best compared to during the night when sleep is more essential. Not only that, but it’s also important that you watch what you eat at night so not to disrupt a good night’s sleep.

So, here’s 10 foods you should never consume at night, unless you want a bad case of reflux.

Fruit Juice

Especially orange juice. Don’t drink it before bed as its acidic content can cause acid reflux, which is a feeling of heartburn.  It’s a very uncomfortable experience which might keep you up at night.


Meat becomes a problem if you eat too much of it, since it takes a lot of energy and time to break down and digest. So, if you have too much meat at night, it will extend the digestive process of your body and keep you awake at night.


Another common culprit of acid reflux and heartburn most people are not aware of. Dairy and milk products like cheese are high in fat, and consuming them can aggravate existing heartburn symptoms.

Oh, no cheese also means no late night pizza. Bummer.


Yes, this indulging snack can rob you of sleep. Unfortunately. This is because of its high sugar content as well as caffeine content. So if you’re sensitive to this stimulant, have the chocolate when you wake up instead!


This is probably a no-brainer— coffee’s not technically “food”, but unless you’re planning to stay up to catch up on last minute assignments and exam preparations, be smart and don’t drink coffee before bed.


One of nature’s most acidic foods/drinks. The acid not only damages the tissues in your throat, the carbonated liquid also increases the production of stomach acid. Heartburn really, really isn’t something you want to be experiencing during your sleep.



It contains high amounts of carbohydrates and if you don’t already know, carbs are much needed as an energy source. Sleeping requires very little energy, however—that plate of spaghetti you had for dinner will only be accumulated as fat in your body.


Yep. Everyone’s favourite spice will disrupt your peaceful slumber especially if you have too much of it before bed. Unless you welcome a bad case of heartburn, then be my guest.


Nuts are known to contain a healthy amount of good fat but to have it before bedtime can cause reflux. So put away those macadamias and walnuts until the next day!


I know right? Doesn’t everyone drink at night?

Even if you ignore this tip, it’s good to be informed because according to studies, alcohol is known to relax the valves that connect the stomach to the oesophagus. Our bodies to keep food where it belongs, causing acid reflux to happen.

It also causes vomiting, so if you fancy getting out of bed to throw up repeatedly, this one’s for you.

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